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Silent Hill HD Collection miffs series' art director

[A fan] sent [Masahiro] Ito a side-by-side screenshot comparison of two characters standing by a waterfront with fog obscuring the background. While in the original PS2 version, the fog rests atop the water and creates an eerie atmosphere, the HD Collection port presents a relatively clear view of the environment, only fading into the mist as the water meets the horizon. “I guess that it was a problem of PS3. PS3 has a weak point for using ‘translucent texture,’” tweets Ito, where “translucent textures” refer to features like fog and mist. Aside from his analytical comments, Ito also tweeted his displeasure with the screenshots’ quality: “It’s poor … It’s really a released version? Really?”

When I saw the early screenshots and side-by-side comparisons, I figured the ‘clearness’ was a result of the early work. But now that the game is out… this ain’t good. First, it was graphical glitches and framerate issues. Now, the trademark Silent Hill atmosphere? I remember playing SH3 the first time and barely being able to see a damn thing in front of my face. :/

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