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It’s confirmed: Fumito Ueda has left Sony

Following a series of rumors that Ico creator Fumito Ueda has left his position at Sony, Gamasutra can confirm that the esteemed creator is no longer an employee at the company.

In a statement received by Gamasutra on Monday, Sony confirmed that while the creator is no longer working as an employee, he is finishing the upcoming The Last Guardian on a contract basis, and is “committed to completing” the project.

Ueda had a sweet gig at Sony. It seemed like he had the keys to Team Ico, which included a lot of creative control, huge budgets and all the time in the world to work on each project.

But no more. It will definitely be interesting to see where Ueda goes from here. Will he work on smaller, more personal projects (as was hinted at), or might he find another patron in a huge corporation that will allow his creativity free reign, free from market force pressures that guide the development of many games with millions of dollars invested?


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